How to Fix a Bent Penis

It is thought that around 40% of all men have penile curvature to varying degrees, the problem (medical name Peyronies disease or cavernositis) develop due to the formation of hardened scar like tissue or plaques in or along the shaft of the penis.

how to fix a bent penis

These inflexible plaques stop the blood vessels in the local surrounding area from expanding with blood as an erection develops, this (as the non affected blood vessels expand with blood) causes the penis to bend or curve towards the plaque,

For some men, the problem is minimal, hardly noticeable and they go through life without any problems, for others the bend or curve can be so defined that the act of intercourse is difficult and painless at best and for some totally impossible.

Peyronies Disease can affect men of any age, but it does seem to be more common in men as they approach 50 years.

Identifying Peyronies Disease

The main characteristics of Peyronies disease is small hardened lumps or thickened skin that become noticeable on one side of the penis, as the penis becomes erect it tends to curve towards the affected area.

why is my penis bent

The disease can develop over a period of months, the bend or curve increasing gradually.

In many cases, especially those that only display minimum curvature the problem usually disperses on its own (although it can take a number of months), for those with more serious curvature, the disease will almost certainly required treating.

The actual cause still confuses medical experts; some think that it is the result of a virus or allergic reaction that causes inflammation in the penile tissue. It is most definitely NOT a Sexually transmitted disease.

Treating Peyronies Disease

Most mild cases do not need treatment and will usually disperse on their own over time, for more severe cases of curvature there are several methods that can be used – some are generally more effective than others.

Vitamin Treatments – doctors have experimented with different vitamin supplements with limited success

Surgery – the most extreme and last ditch treatment, usually only attempted if the problem has lasted for longer than a year. Surgical methods can include the insertion of an implant on the opposite side to the plaque which counteracts the affect of the disease – this can often result in reduced erection length.

Other methods include the pinching the skin opposite the plaque or the grafting of veins into the plaque to try and increase the flexibility  and the erection capability of the penis. None of these surgical methods offer guaranteed results, and on many occasions have been known to reduce the length of the penis.

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Penis Vacuum Pump – medically approved devices that by way of a vacuum, place the penis under a gentle yet powerful pulling pressure (traction), this pressure offers several benefits – the action of the vacuum forces increased amounts of blood into the penis, this helps (over a period of time) to break down and disperse the plaques internally, allowing the penis to become straighter whilst erect.

Erections gained through the vacuum process are usually visibly longer, thicker, and often last longer.

As the plaques disperse, with regular use, the penis will remain straighter, and can actually gain a permanent increase in length.

These kinds of devices are without doubt one of the most effective methods of treating Peyronies disease without any invasive surgery.

Penomet Penis Pump

The Penomet Device is one of the worlds best selling vacuum devices, clinically approved, affordable and simple to operate, it can help treat Peyronies disease and boost erection size and strength in the privacy of your own home.

Why Choose Penomet

When choosing a penis vacuum pump, you want to know that the device you choose is safe, approved and that it will actually deliver good results….

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Penomet is a second generation device that is proven to deliver solid, visibly longer erections in a matter of minutes and with regular use, will generate permanent penis enlargement.

Penomet is also highly effective at treating and reducing curvature caused by diseases such as Peyronies disease.

Of all the devices currently available, there are some really good reasons why Penomet is the best one around – 

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Capacity – The Penomet is well sized and it will fit all shapes and sizes of penis, it doesn’t matter if you are currently on the small size – at around 2-4” when erect or are lucky to have a penis that measures 9 – 10” or more, the Penomet will comfortably suit you whatever size you may be.

Results – Penomet is proven to generate longer, harder erections that are longer lasting in a matter of minutes, and fix a bent penis; this makes it the perfect device for any man who has erection difficulties.

For those suffering with curvature or wishing to increase their penile length, the device generates cellular duplication that helps to break down the plaques that cause the curvature, the additional cells produced, will also add mass to the penis, increasing length and girth.

Working Pressures – Unlike any other device, the Penomet is supplied with a range of 5 interchangeable pressure gaiters that increase or reduce the working pressure to suit your requirements – this gives the penis the maximum workout – maximizing results – No other vacuum device offers this variation.

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Guarantee – While most devices offer buyers between 30 and 90 days to try the device and return if dissatisfied, Penomet have now increased their cash back guarantee to a full year from purchase (365 days.) this gives you an amazing amount of time to try the device and make sure you are happy with the results – if not simply return for a full refund…This amazing guarantee proves the manufacturers belief and commitment to both the device itself and their valued customers.

Warranty – All parts are guaranteed for a lifetime

Accessories – A full range of replacement gaiters and other handy accessories such as cleaning foams and a shower strap are available to buy

Shipping – Orders are shipped Worldwide

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