SizeGenetics Review

Forget everything that you have heard about penis extenders.

Size Genetics is penis-enlargement system which is made for the modern world based on the needs of real men! 

The science behind all the best penis extenders has been used in some cultures for generations. Basically, you just need to apply positive pressure to your penis.  Instead of stretching it out and causing a “noodle penis” effect, it actually makes cells start to replicate and causes an increase in length and width. 

This is basically the same as a workout in the gym.  Instead of building up your muscles though, you are building up your penis cells.


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In some distant cultures, the positive pressure needed for penis extension was applied by really painful methods. This could be something as simple as a rock tied to the penis head.  Ouch!  Unfortunately, most of today’s penis extenders aren’t much more comfortable.  They use a noose system instead.  The noose attaches around the penis head and pulls it forward.  As you can imagine, the noose digs into the penis and cuts off circulation.  Since you will need to use the penis extender on a regular basis, it may seem like torture just to increase your penis size!  Luckily, Size Genetics has a solution which gets real results but without sacrificing comfort.


Buy Size Genetic at a great discount

To use the Size Genetics extension device, you first adjust the tension-loaded device to your penis size.  Then, you insert your penis into the device so it is resting snug but comfortable against your pubic area. 

Instead of the inferior noose system used by other penis extenders, SizeGenetics uses an exclusive comfort mechanism.  A strap fits around your penis shaft directly below the penis head. 

The strap can be adjusted to fit any penis size.  Most importantly, it will not cut into your skin or cut off circulation!  With the Size Genetics device properly adjusted, you will feel a slight tension on your penis.  This is the tension which will gradually cause your cells to be stretched apart and fill in with new  cell growth, thus causing an increase in penis length and width.

When it comes to penis enlargement, Size Genetics offers the most complete male enhancement plan on the market.  You will even get bonuses like an enlargement exercise DVD and sex improvement videos.

Size Genetics is even tailored to all men’s needs because it comes with spare parts so you can keep using the penis extender device even after you grow. 

Considering all the SizeGenetics can do for you, this amazing program is an incredibly low price.  Now, you can even save more money on SizeGenetics through special offers and promos. The company behind Size Genetics is happy to offer great deals on their penis extender. They’d rather you use their quality, comfortable device  than settle for an inferior penis extender!


If you stretch the skin or other tissue, putting it under fairly constant tension for a few hours, the cells in that tissue actually start to reproduce, increasing the area of tissue in order to reduce the tension.  This principle has been used for decades for burns victims, allowing doctors to take a small skin graft and expand it to cover a large area of the body.

So the same thing happens with the penis.  If you put the organ under tension, it will also begin to expand and enlarge, and you have a bigger penis.  In fact with the penis there’s an even more interesting effect.  Not only does it become bigger, but the erection chambers inside the penis are also expanded. 

This means that they can hold a greater volume of blood and so not only is the penis larger, but erections are much harder.  So SizeGenetics can actually be a solution for the man who wants harder erections, even if he’s already satisfied with his penis size.

The heart of the SizeGenetics system is the penis traction device.  This is carefully engineered from stainless steel to provide a precise degree of traction on the penis, gently stretching it from the base to the tip.  So when you wear the SizeGenetics for between six and twelve hours a day, it gradually causes the tissue in the penis to reproduce and expand.

As with any form of traction or even muscle training, the tension applied to the tissue causes tiny tears.  These heal during the time you’re not wearing the traction device, consolidating the expansion of the tissue during the traction time.  This is the same principle that weightlifters use of resting between training to allow recovery of their expanded muscles.

So you can think of the SizeGenetics traction device as weight-lifting for your penis.  Only here it’s not muscle being expanded, it’s the spongy erection chambers of the penis and the sheath surrounding them.  Once these stretch, more blood flows into the penis to fill up the expanded volume and the result is a larger penis and a harder erection.

The secret is in the long, gradual process of stretching a little and then allowing the tissue to rest and repair itself.  This process takes a different length of time for different people, but it usually needs several months to achieve the larger penis you desire.  Despite this, some guys will see results within weeks or even days.  It’s all a matter of the individual body and the degree of traction tension that is comfortable for you.

When I was enlarging my penis with SizeGenetics, I decided to take the slow and steady option, so I was wearing it for almost a year.  But the gains I made were absolutely worth it.  My penis is now almost three inches longer and has gained two inches in girth.  So I have no hesitation in assuring anyone who asks that the SizeGenetics system really works.