Do Penis Pumps Work- A Critical Look at the Mechanisms

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Penis pumps are one of the more legendary penis enlargement methods to date. Pumps are the only FDA approved form of penis enlargement, enhancement, and for sexual dysfunction. They’re used by various age groups as a means to increase penile circumference and length and its about time they’re receiving the recognition they deserve.

Pumps are frequently referenced in pop-culture movies, endorsed by celebrities, and are one of the favorites of the adult film industry. Up until recently, no one really knew if they truly worked since everyone that had been using them in the past was only doing so because word of mouth was buzzing or it was the only option anyone knew of other than expensive surgery.

Things have changed quite a bit for penis pumps since then. Clinical tests, trials, and studies have been performed on these device. Not for enlargement purposes, rather for enhancement reasons. Erectile dysfunction was and still is one of the most common male sexual dysfunctions and in the pursuit of learning about this disorder, it was documented that specialized pumps can can increase penis size considerably, while combating the symptoms of ED.

With the right kind of pump, you can add visible and measurable inches to your size. That is of course if you use your penis pump for month, after month, after month, and are one of the lucky ones that does not end up injuring yourself.  The probability a penis pump actually works for you is low, since the majority available for purchase are enhancement device, not enlargement, however, if you look hard enough, you’ll find very particular styles of pumps that work much better than the rest.

Allow me to help you learn about traditional penis pumps and those that add a twist to the process of penis enlargement.

Traditional Style Penis Pumps

A typical penis pump literally looks like most that already exist, except with each brand, there are little differences like the pumping mechanisms that help the practitioner, you, use it to stimulate an erection. The age old style of pump is made up with no more than a cylinder tube, a pumping mechanism attached to the top, and then a rubber ring (gasket) attached to the bottom.

How a traditional penis pumps work is by inserting your penis into the cylinder tube until the tube presses against your pelvis. The rubber ring will create a seal when it is in contact with the exterior of your pelvis. Once this is done, you set the device accordingly to manufacturer specifications, or your own and you then begin pumping the device.

How A Penis Pumps Works

When you begin pumping, the action of doing this produces the vacuum effect within the tube by removing excess air and increasing pressure. As pressure is increased and more free space is made available due to the removal of air, your penis begins to expand to compensate for the new area of space.

This process draws blood into your penis so that an erection occurs, thus enhancing your penis function. Enlargement based pumps work by expanding your penis to the point that it stretches penile tissue. This in return increases your penis’s blood volume, allowing more and more blood to slowly enter when erect, making it appear bigger overtime.

The science behind it is sound, but research has never been performed on the enlargement aspect and whether permanent gains can be achieved.

Hydro Style Penis Pumps

This style of pump works off of the same traditional vacuum concept, but instead of being able to pump when you please, you must do so when taking a shower or bath to avoid an annoying watery mess.

This kind of pump works its magic in 20 minutes and is safe, natural, and is the only style of  empirical penis pump to increase penis size permanently. Water fills the cylinder tube and is slowly released to create the vacuum effect. As water leaves the cylinder tube, your penis expands to compensate. Premium water based pump brands such as Bathmate apply the logical science just right so that the effects are more oriented towards enlargement

For enhancement purposes, they can improve ED and premature ejaculation, plus strengthen, harden, and make your erections firmer.

Just search using your preferred search engine for hydro penis pump and you’ll spot one quickly.

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